Nonprofit fundraising events! Best practices and ideas

  • 17 December 2020
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Has anyone organizing nonprofit events seen anything especially interesting? Many nonprofit and membership groups are facing the challenge of organizing an annual gala event virtually for the first time.


Here are some top ideas from events we’ve seen:

  • Collect onsite donations using a platform like GiveSmart to make giving easy
  • Thank your donors verbally as well as on screen and in the event chat during the event.
  • Create a ”donation thermometer” that shows donations being collected live during the event. You can so this by using a liive stream broadcaster service (RTMP) and streaming live on the event stage.


Check out our blog post with a full list of best practices we’ve heard so far with virtual galas and NPO fundraisers. Would love to hear ideas from anyone else! Any creative entertainment or ways to engage your patrons?

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