Platform Overview Video for New Event Users

  • 16 January 2021
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Excited to share this thought process for virtual event producers that are either organizing events or helping event organizers. This is a sample video, we create for clients and their event participants:

These videos are brief but give the event participants an opportunity to understand what their experience will be like in advance of the event. 

Once completed, Hopin gives us the opportunity to record and download all main stage and sessions for repurposing. In this use case, we integrated Streamyard with Hopin for the Main Stage activities. Below is the full stage recording for reference:


5 replies

Thanks for sharing this, @Carlos Gonzalez. We always hear about clients of event agencies asking for tutorials. This is so helpful.

The quality on Streamyard makes such a difference. It looks clean and branded. One thing I want to get more familiar with––is the backstage on Streamyard during a virtual event. Do you introduce the speakers to each other and allow them to meet and network before/ after the event? 


Thanks @Carlos Gonzalez, such a great idea and so very helpful.  Looks like I will need to get comfy infront of the camera or find someone who will be will to do a similar recording.

@Jenn L is there a separate cost for using StreamYard?

Thanks for sharing this update. I have to ask you guys is there any update regarding St. Patrick Day sales? I have waiting for its discounted deals and St. Patricks Day Coupons.

@Roxy - I missed your question above. Streamyard operates as a different service, so you would have to get their subscription plan outside of Hopin. You can check out their pricing here. 


@William I can’t speak for sales for Streamyard, but I don’t have anything on the radar for Hopin. 

  @Carlos Gonzalez  

Once completed, Hopin gives us the opportunity to record and download all main stage and sessions for repurposing. 

I’d love to hear more about how you repurpose your videos post-event.  Do you create on-demand content, for example? I think there are so many creative uses, but as someone who uses both Hopin and Streamyard, I suspect that you have some creative ideas on engaging attendees after an event with video...