Setting up your first event as a Starter Plan User

  • 4 February 2021
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New to Hopin’s Starter Plan? Great! We’re excited to have you here. Here are 2 steps to quickly setting up your first event.


1. Enter in your event details and build out your event areas


  1. Key Details: Give your event a name, set the dates and times and select what modules of the platform you’d like to turn on.
  2. Tickets: Create and manage the various ticket types you want included as part of your event here
  3. Registration: Share a detailed description of your event that entices attendees to register. An event image can be uploaded here along with the ability to recognize your sponsors.
  4. Reception: Draft a warm welcome message here and provide a call to action for your attendees here.
  5. Stage: Determine whether you want live content or pre-recorded video on the stage to address your audience.
  6. Networking: Set up this random style area to make sure your attendees can interact with each other.
  7. Sessions: If your event will include any interactive panels, roundtables, or Q&As, be sure to build them here.
  8. Expo: Make sure your vendors have space to promote their products or services here. You can invite them to build their own, or build one for them.


2. Share! Promote your event by sharing across your social channels and email lists.



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