Can't invite vendors in new dashboard

  • 24 February 2021
  • 3 replies


I can’t seem to find where to ‘’Invite Vendors’’ on the new dashboard. It shows up on the Expo page of the old dashboard, but on the new one I just see the option to ‘’Add Booth’’. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, but I don’t see it anywhere else either.



3 replies

Hi @Zach H.  Users should create a booth and then the button will appear! But yes,  I agree that having a button will be more intuitive. We have flagged this to the Product team :) 


@Jenn L thanks for the response! It’s kind of counter intuitive to have to create the booth before being able to invite a vendor. The old dashboard set-up was ideal for this particular feature, so with this change the usefulness of ‘’invite a vendor’’ took a step back.

@Zach H. This has been flagged for the Product team. Thanks for the feedback!