Has anyone used closed captioning in Hopin via Streamyard?

  • 10 March 2021
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This question comes up a lot.  There’s a few ways you can create captions on Hopin. Here’s how I do it:

  1. You can use the Web Captioner tool in Backstage or Sessions and simply screen share the captions.
  2. Open the Web Captioner page and click Start Captioning button at the bottom right corner of the page.
  3. Return to the Session or Backstage of your event and start talking as you normally would. The captions will automatically appear on screen.

Here’s another way to do it via Google Slides. This is actually how my teammate does the captioning for all our Hopin internal meetings, by the way :D 


Similarly,  closed captioning for StreamYard doesn’t happy within StreamYard. You can activate captioning on the platforms you’re streaming to like Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn.



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I also recommend Ava. And Hopin peeps, if you could get an integration with them that would be amazing!

It allows a few more controls and is a sustainable captioning tool that can be used across functions in your business.

Wow-- thanks @Melissa Emler. Never heard of Ava before! Curious what you love about it? 



I’d love to know of any other recommendations that are out there! We are looking into how to caption our 200+ sessions for our July conference in a cost effective way :) I’d also love it if captioning was embedded into the platform eventually!

@Melissa Emler - Good call 💡.  We’ve been hearing that closed captioning is a top ask from other Hopin users.  Feel free to add your suggestion to this Dream Integration Questionnaire to get your idea in front of the integrations team. Even though others have asked for it, it always helps the team prioritize when they users with similar suggestions!


@Michelle Lippoli  I took a quick pulse of what our own teammates at Hopin use and it’s still Google Slides. It’s simple, free and what we tend to use at our company-wide all-hands meetings.


Here’s a quick article on different captioning options for anyone who’s weighing different options out.


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I will definitely add that. Here’s why Slides are not a great option… it takes up a square in Hopin. I highly encourage your team to check out Ava. It gives you a link to share with viewers and then when the link is clicked it creates a floating bar of the closed captions below it. However, Hopin absolutely needs to build this because relying on integration for a function that should be automatic is not cool. Hopin is new and growing and I know it will eventually come to the platform, but I believe if Hopin lives its vision of being inclusive, it will prioritize that feature. 

Google Chrome now has built-in live captioning (English only):

Microsoft 365 users can enable captions in PowerPoint, similar to Google Slides:

@Jenn L Could you re-link the google slides link in this comment:


“Here’s another way to do it via Google Slides. This is actually how my teammate does the captioning for all our Hopin internal meetings, by the way :D “

The ‘Google slides’ link directs to the Hopin home page when I click it.

Additionally, I agree with the above points, it is very important to allow live captioning in Hopin’s events as soon as possible. We were hoping to use a live captioner who would type the transcript up and have just found that is not possible.

@Michelle Lippoli over 200 sessions - that’s great! I would definitely make sure the solution you choose can scale appropriately for your conference. has captioning (and translation for over 60 languages!) and works with StreamYard. It also works to stream with YouTube 

What’s really great about it is that there are a few options for displaying captions:

-Lower thirds
-In a separate window that won’t be affected by any tech issues you might have with the main platform (bonus for any issues with sound quality!)


They also keep all of the captions as transcripts that you can download and save. They have a great captioner interface which allows you to (1) just use the automatically generated AI captions, (2) have an operator edit the captions as they go out, or (3) just use a human captioner.

The thing that caught my attention was its ability to allow for autoreplacements for the captioner (so if you have specific words or names that the AI might record incorrectly, you can train it up to be specific to your sessions).


PS Was anyone able to access the Google slides link mentioned above? Seems broken… @GPhillipson did @Jenn L ever get back to you?


@Adi Di Unfortunately I did not get a reply from @Jenn L yet!


AccessLOOP is another tool which you can use with StreamYard to add captions to Hopin using live captioners. Currently the captions are overlaid as open captions, but closed captions will be available very soon.