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Ideas for Virtual Sales Kickoff's?

  • 17 December 2020
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Ideas for Virtual Sales Kickoff's?
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We just held our go-to-market offsite for the quarter on Hopin (yes, we proudly eat our own dog food) and it was amazing — so we’re sharing screenshots and lessons learned for anyone else looking to do the same. 

More generally, Sales Kickoffs (SKOs) can be a great way to supercharge your sales for the year, but how do you make your virtual SKO motivating, educational, and fun for your revenue organization? 

We compiled eight steps to easily curate a great “offsite” experience for your sales team that will make them come away excited and energized to close deals and hit goals.

We’d love to hear from anyone that’s planning anything especially interesting for their sales or company kickoffs this year!


We hosted a Harry Potter themed Hopin kick-off. We had some guest appearances from colleagues and you can bet that the team chat was going crazy! 😁😂



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