Planning on using Hopin for Virtual Wedding Fair.

  • 21 February 2021
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hi everyone, AlvinC here from the Philippines. COVID-19 pandemic halted what is supposedly our 39th Edition of our self produced intimate bridal fair ( 60 - 80 vendors and average of 3500 visitors for a 2 day event). Lockdown and quarantine was imposed 20 days before our scheduled event and subsequently postponed due to prolong restrictions. succeeding scheduled events was cancelled as well. 


As I surf around the web a couple of days ago, I found hopin and eventually opened an account(free at the moment) to assess if we can use it for our planned virtual bridal fair. some of our competitors here have had their virtual fairs last year and mostly conducted thru social media and in their respected websites. feedbacks are mixed and underwhelming so we hesitated in conducting our own.


My first Question now basically is the cost of hopin given that based on our average visitors per physical events, we assumed that we will probably be able to register attendees of about half if we allocate enough budget for online promotion(social media and email marketing). What plan do we get for such?

Secondly, since virtual events are still on its early stage here. vendors are still wary of cost as well as turnouts. organizers tends to charge vendors cheap and virtual fair for free to attendees(brides/grooms for us) which makes us organizers think twice of virtual fairs due to possible overhead and on conducting/producing it on a a regular basis.


I have a scheduled zoom meeting with hopin sales tomorrow and if someone from their side can provide answers here, then i will probably cancel the meet.


Many thanks



Alvin C

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Hi Alvin!  What an exciting use of a virtual event!


The type of plan you decide on largely depends on how much branding you want, as well as other conveniences like integrations, access to event data (which is valuable to some organizations if they want to later offer this info to vendors), etc. Here’s the full feature/ plan comparision.


With the exception of the Starter plan, all the other plans give you annual access to the Hopin platform, so you can do as many events as you want through the year.  So in short, Starter plan could be a way to test the platform out (if you don’t need the frills of more advanced plans, like more branding, etc.) It still offers you  all the different event areas to play with, like expo booths, sessions (where up to 20 people can be on screen, and up to 10K viewers), 1:1 networking--just like you would in a trade show. 


Just to show you some conveniences/ creative ways that orgs have used expo booths (since I’m assuming you will be using this area the most for a trade show):

  • You can have unlimited vendor booths.
  • You an invite vendors to customize their own booths with different types of content (from google slide presentation, youtube link for video content, or to have reps inside each booth to chat with potential customers, etc.)
  • You can sell different vendor booth sizes for various price points.


Below are some example of how different orgs/ brands have used booths:


The Wildlife Foundation.  They had beautiful images for each vendor booth and representatives inside each one booth to chat with attendees and raise money for each cause/ nonprofit the represented.


Miro: The brand created booths for their largest conference ever with 30K event registrants. They targeted each booth for different audiences and made the value props inside each booth very clear. 


Hopin:  10K event attendees showed up at the Hopin Kickoff here.  We had everything from a virtual photo booth, to a live DJ during breaks, and different brands to sharing the customer stories live.