Registration Checkbox *Required* Issue

  • 15 February 2021
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When you create a required checkbox registration field, typically you would think that the guest would just need to select one to continue (if I have four answers, I need to at least select one). The way it is setup, the guest would have to select ALL of the checkboxes in that field to continue. 

Has anyone gotten around this bug? We’ve had a few events in the past that haven’t’t been able to use the checkbox field because of this.

5 replies

Yes, I have experienced this issue as well!

Hi @Sam Piasecki  and @elenagoetzinger ! Do you happen to have a screenshot of this? Would love to understand this better!

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@Jenn L It won’t let me continue without selecting all of the checkboxes- see image!


Thanks for the context @Sam Piasecki!  This is something that the Product team is aware of and we’ve flagged again for a future fix! Thanks for bringing this up. 

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Sounds great. Thank you, @Jenn L !