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  • 15 March 2021
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Our product team recently worked on an update to the ‘event setup’ dashboard.

Firstly - Thank you to all of you who gave us your feedback on the navigation change - we’ve taken your thoughts on board and updated the design. We’ve made two major changes:


  1. An ‘accordion’ layout, to make it quicker to navigate between areas
  2. The event title stays visible on screen at all times, to make it easier to see what event you’re editing!


We hope these changes are helpful and would appreciate if you could take 30 seconds to rate your experience of the dashboard so we know how we did.  If you have more in-depth feedback to share, and we’d really appreciate you dropping it in our feedback form



If you haven’t tried the new navigation already, don’t miss out! just open any event from your account dashboard and click on the “event overview” link to check it out.



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