Sponsor Logos not uploading

  • 20 March 2021
  • 4 replies


Hi Hopin Community,

I am building a test event and sponsor images are not uploading. I confirmed Chrome is up to date and use 100px x 100px images (tried both .PNG and .JPG). There are blank boxes and active links on the Reception page but no sponsors show up on the Registration Page. Submitted trouble-ticket but wanted to check with the community. Has anyone else experienced something similar? 



4 replies


Update. When logging into the event on my laptop, the logos show up properly. Clearly the uploading from my desktop worked but didn’t show up (and still doesn’t on my desktop). Glad to know I have a workaround, will just use my laptop moving forward. 

Thanks for the update, @MarkW. Can you try clearing your cache on your desktop?


Hi Jenn, after reading some of Hopin’s help pages, I tried incognito mode and sponsor images appeared without issue. One of my chrome extensions (not sure which one) was the pesky culprit. :relaxed:

Thanks for the update, @MarkW! This helps with troubleshooting for other folks!