Who is planning a Hybrid Event?

  • 17 December 2020
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Who is planning a hybrid event or considering hybrid as a core piece of their event programming next year?


Millions of people came to Hopin for engaging virtual events this year… but as we turn the corner into a new year, what's next? As social distancing guidelines relax, 78% of brand marketers surveyed by Freeman Data Solutions agree that moving forward, in-person events will pivot to hybrid models. It's not just marketers -- many are predicting all major events will have a virtual component in the future.


10 replies

We are just starting conversations about possibly transitioning our September 2021 conference to a Hybrid model. 

We are as well, probably November 2021 if possible but I’m not sure where to begin. What is your typical planning cycle for your events and how many people are attending? 

In the past, we have started planning about 10 weeks in advance for both in-person and online. We have a 4 person team that works on this and have 700 attendees at our in-person events and had 3200 online.

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@Lorna Weston-Smyth organizes global summits at John Maxwell and @Mike Chaffe produces incredible events to connect entrepreneurs for Wolves Summit.  Wondering how you both think about planning cycles? 

So in October we started organising our hybrid event around 8 weeks out (part of the reason for this was due to school holidays)


We’re now preparing for our March hybrid event and started super early bird sales 90 days out, which we had good results with.

From our experience though, most delegates are making decisions much closer to the event nowadays. A good way to push the process along is to create a countdown timer and incremental price increases to drive decisions.

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Thanks Jenn

We normally have a 120 day planning cycle for our John Maxwell Team events but with all the massive changes that 2020 brought our way, we started planning our March event back at the end of September last year. At that time and up until a couple of weeks ago, it was going to be a hybrid event. 

We decided just a few weeks ago that March will again be an all virtual event and our 10th Anniversary event in August will be our first hybrid event. We will carry forward much of the plans we had for a hybrid event in March to our August event and test out some new ideas for virtual this time around as well. 

We typically start with a budget projection using the last event as a baseline. From there we looked at what kinds of teams we would need for each “side” of the hybrid event and who would be best to fill those roles.

We are treating a hybrid as 2 separate events that overlap in places like a Venn diagram instead of trying to treat both audiences as one. That way we can create the best audience experience for each “side” of the event.  

We had over 6,000 at our August virtual event (there was a lot of pent-up demand as we moved everyone from our scheduled in-person event in March 2020) and we are expecting about 4,000 this March. 

Since we have over 37,000 members around the globe (and growing exponentially), we will continue to offer the virtual option with every event we have going forward too. 

As a member of a few different event planning committees, we start planning our next event before we are done with the current one. During the event we make note of everything we want to improve or change next time. We already have the dates confirmed and in the calendar for the next 3 events as well so we can start talking about being at the next one at the end of this one and getting people to say yes and commit even before they leave (with a couple of the organizations I am connected with)

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Hello! Is anyone working with a production company to stream your hybrid event via Hopin? We are in the RFP stage in hopes to find a partner familiar with Hopin. We are a global association and have specific ideas of what our needs are. Any contacts or suggestions is appreciated! 

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Hey @Reagan Alexander! There are a lot of great agencies that use Hopin.  Can you share more about your specific needs so the agencies can chime in? Things like:

  • budget
  • regions/ time zones
  • preferred experience with different types of industries, audiences, kinds of events, etc.
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@Reagan Alexander we’ve used Kymoul of KVA Events kvanterpool@kvavevents.com for our conferences and also Emma Kuhl Pitts of PullSpark for our other events emma@pullspark.com. Kymoul has been fabulous!

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That’s great news. We hope to gain more insight to present a budget. Since this is our first hybrid event, we are wanting to get some parameters on pricing and what is involved in streaming our event from a location/hotel to our virtual audience. Preferred experience requirement is mainly with our preferred platform, Hopin. We are an accreditation assoc. that provides educational conferences for business schools focusing on accreditation and connecting education with business. The event in question would be hosted in Berlin and potentially broadcasted to a global audience. 

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@Lorna Weston-Smyth Excellent! Thank you for the contacts. :sunglasses: