Who is using StreamYard in their events? What's your experience been like?

  • 28 January 2021
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What are some of the pros of using Streamyard in your events? I would love to see/ hear past events to see Streamyard in action!

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I love the combo of Streamyard with my Hopin events… The biggest pro for me is the ability to fully customize the onscreen experience for viewers (participants) and presenters. From on brand graphics to dynamic presentation options. Also love if I have a bigger panel for discussion, I can bring up to 10 ppl on screen at once. 

One area of opportunity, and hoping the teams are looking to address, is looking to integrate the Hopin chat (Comments/Questions) to seamlessly bring on screen via Streamyard. My current work around is copying from Chat window in hopin and pasting in comments on Streamyard. Not pretty but it works!!

Here is sample of an earlier event I did in 2020, its the full recording of the Main Stage, using Streamyard. Might include gaps for when people went into sessions or networking: