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How Miro created an educational experience for attendees while boosting sales

  • 17 December 2020
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How Miro created an educational experience for attendees while boosting sales
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How Miro used Hopin to create an educational experience for attendees while promoting their product and increasing sales

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform to help teams work better together. In 2019, they launched Distributed, a virtual summit for enterprise product teams that work from different locations. In 2020, they planned to host Distributed 2020.



Miro wanted to make Distributed 2020 their best event yet

Last year, Miro hosted Distributed 2019 in one virtual room on a meeting platform. They wanted to level up Distributed 2020 by making the event feel more like a conference and less like a meeting.




Miro used all of Hopin’s different virtual room options for Distributed 2020, including:

  • The reception area where they outlined the event schedule, provided an event summary, shared how users could find different areas and content within Hopin, and shared a link to their whiteboard product Miro.
  • The stage for keynote speakers. They worked with a virtual event broadcasting company called Catapult to elevate and polish keynote presentations.
  • Sessions for collaborative talks and panels.
  • Networking for one-on-one networking conversations between event attendees. They provided icebreaker questions for networking so that event attendees would feel more comfortable networking and meeting new people.
  • The Expo area for sponsor booths as well as Miro’s own booths to promote their virtual whiteboard.

Read more about their takeaways here.




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