How the University of Notre Dame Created a VIP Football Experience

  • 17 December 2020
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How the University of Notre Dame Created a VIP Football Experience
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Hi everyone! We’re testing a new series where we interview leading event organizers who are hosting unique events on Hopin. Our hope is to create a library of inspiration, best practices and tips from a cross section of creators in different industries. Want to share what you’re working on? Submit your story for a chance to get featured.



This week we’re shining a spotlight on Notre Dame’s Executive Producer, Jodain Massad.


What you’ll learn from this interview:

  • How he engaged Notre Dame’s football fans and how you can apply this to your own fanbase or community.
  • How he created a VIP experience for superfans.
  • How he created created value for brand sponsors.

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Here, he talks about the importance of engaging your community and “making people feel at home” no matter what the circumstances. This philosophy has led him to find ways to connect fans and even remove the barrier between fans and celebrities.



This resulted in a completely new virtual football experience that empowered fans to host their own virtual tailgates and get front-row seats to celebrity parties on Hopin.

Would you like to see more Spotlights, or even get a Spotlight yourself? Let us know in the comments. 


4 replies

This is cool! I run a company that specializes in renewable electricity. We've been thinking about ways to educate clients/ prospects on clean energy and create content that are specific to bigger clients. I like the idea of creating VIP experiences.  


I've been looking for ways to create engagement in virtual events. I run a data company and right now our meetings right now are on Zoom or Google Hangouts--not the best tool for creating conversation amongst data scientists and engineers. We need different levels of interaction and places where we can do closed networking/ convos. Nice to see the options here

Interesting to hear how different brands are creating connection in virtual events. This is key to my work in Community Experience Design and Strategy, and instrumental now to my role as  leadership coach.

I’ve been currently testing and researching just how to create deeper conversation in a virtual gatherings. love hearing Jodain's experience creating community with fans. 

This is really creative! I love the way you can create immersive experiences in different areas of an event :)