Basic questions

  • 1 April 2021
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Hello! I have a few questions about Hopin.

  1. I have seen that non-profit organisations have a 20% discount. Do you require any documents to prove that we are non-profit?
  2. How many sessions can I have at the same time?
  3. If I have a workshop in sessions, can I put a limit on the number of attendees that will watch the workshop?
  4. If I have live workshops in sessions, do I need to pay extra for each workshop as an organiser? 
  5. If I want to use my camera and microphone in my event in sessions, do I have to be an organiser? 

Thank you!

1 reply

Hi @Giorgos Velonias!  Certified non profits should reach out to our  Support team at with their website and/or official documents that they have to show their nonprofit status. The Support team will review these and if applicable, they will provide a code for discount. 


Schools and universities should use their official .edu email addresses when reaching out to support team for this! Hope this helps!