How to Upvote or Submit an Idea to our Product Teamūüí°

  • 17 December 2020
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Hello Hopin Community!


At Hopin, we are committed to working with our community to build the best virtual events platform on the market. Much of the inspiration for our product roadmap comes directly from customer requests. 

Do you have an idea for the Hopin platform? We’d love to hear it! Submit an idea for our Product team to review or upvote the ideas of others.  Each week our team reviews Ideas. Those with the most votes that align with Hopin’s product vision and strategy may be added to our product backlog.



How to Write A Great¬†Idea¬†ūüíĮ


✨Before you post an idea, search to see if it exists. If a similar idea has already been published, upvote and comment on it.

✨One idea per post. if you have multiple ideas, submit them separately so that we can respond to each idea.

✨Have a clear title.  Accurately summarize your request so that it can be easily found by others.

‚ú®Create a detailed description. Make sure to answer the following questions:

  • What is your use case?¬†
  • What problem are you trying to solve?¬†
  • Is this a¬†critical¬†feature that blocks you from working in Hopin¬†and being productive,¬†or is it a¬†nice-to-have¬†feature?
  • What is a possible solution?




ūüí°To post a new idea:

  • Head to the¬†Product Ideas¬†page.¬†To¬†post,¬†upvote, or¬†comment¬†on an idea‚Äď‚Äďmake sure you are logged in using your Hopin account login and password.

  • Click on ¬†Create a New Topic.¬†This is a button that can be found in the top right corner of each page.¬†

  • Select ‚ÄėIdea‚Äô for the kind of topic you are creating.¬†¬†Add a clear title and description.

  • Make sure your idea is easy to find. Select a¬†category and add tags.¬†(Tags are keywords that will help people find your request.)

  • Click ‚ÄėCreate‚Äô.¬†Volia! Your idea has been published!


ūüí°To Upvote¬†an Idea:

  • To¬†post,¬†upvote, or¬†comment¬†on an idea‚Äď‚Äďmake sure you are logged in using your Hopin account login and password.

  • Head to the¬†Product Ideas¬†

  • (Apply filters to see ideas with the most views, votes, replies or just recently active ones.)

  • You can either click on the blue button with the arrow and the number or open the topic to read it through and click¬†Vote.

  • You may vote for as many ideas as you want.

  • You may cast only one vote per idea.



2.  What are statuses and what do they mean?

Statuses let you know the

We have three statuses for ideas:

ūüí°Idea: the idea has been submitted. Vote and comment to support the idea.¬†

:tools:  In Development: our product and engineering teams are working on building this feature.

ūüéȬ†Delivered: the new feature is live, and you can use it in Hopin!¬†


4.  How can I highlight my idea so the Hopin team notices and prioritizes it?

If there is an idea that you think other Hopin users would benefit from, promote it to your network! Tell your friends, followers and coworkers about the ideas you care about and generate votes to make these ideas more noticeable to the Hopin Product team. Popular ideas that align with Hopin’s strategy and vision for the product may be added to the product backlog. 


5.  I can’t find the idea I submitted some time ago. Have you deleted it?

It’s most likely you submitted an idea which is similar to an existing one, and we’ve merged them.


✨Submit your idea now✨ 


We look forward to hearing from you :) 

Shar & the Product team

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