How & When to Contact Support

  • 17 December 2020
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Hello and welcome! :wave_tone1:

The Hopin Community is your go-to for finding and sharing inspiring content and ideas about what drives real success in virtual events. The community is also great for asking, finding and answering questions related to different ways of using Hopin. Chances are that if you’re asking something--someone’s probably asked a similar question 😀.

When to contact Support and how to do it

But, you may have specific questions or you are experiencing a problem the community can’t solve—we’re here to help! We have a dedicated, global Support team that works around the clock to answer any question.

If you are looking for official, in-depth support (regarding billing issues, technical questions, features, etc), or you have run into an issue (lost content, features not working, other bugs), please reach out to the Hopin Support team directly by submitting a ticket to, or using the the messenger bubble in your Organization’s account.


:warning: Our ask: if you have already submitted a support ticket, please do not duplicate your question in the community, or vice versa so that we can get to your questions more efficiently by finding them in one place.  

Meanwhile, here are some other great ways you can get information and assistance before submitting a ticket:


The entire Hopin team is looking forward to supporting you in your success! :slight_smile:


Chat soon,


Head of Support @ Hopin

3 replies

Kara, I appreciate the request to not duplicate a question that has already been sent to support via email. I’m short on time and am nervous about how much longer I need to wait for an answer. What is the best way to connect with someone about an issue that answers whether or not I can actually use Hopin for my event next month?

Hi @elea. The best way to contact is Our wonderful global support team is 24/7. I would also include your event requirements/needs. Depending on your comfort level with putting together virtual events, it’s not uncommon for folks to put together events in 4 weeks.



Thanks @Jenn L , I’ve done all that first thing this morning and still no response