Introduce yourself on this thread and see who else is here

  • 17 December 2020
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Introduce yourself on this thread and see who else is here
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My name is Jennifer and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to our corner of the Hopinverse where we have the opportunity to learn, connect, collaborate, and share.  


Some suggestions what to include:

  • where in the world you are 🌎
  • your work and interests, if you’d like to share 💼
  • events you’ve hosted or plan to host on Hopin, if any 🎉
  • anything you’d like the community to know about you 😃
  • what are you looking for from this community 🔎


17 replies

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:wave_tone1: I’m Brianna and am excited about the launch of the Hopin community! The Hopin marketing team loves telling the stories of our users via our blog and social media channels and I’m looking forward to connecting with our customers via the Community. A few things about me:

  • I‘m located in San Francisco 🌎
  • I’m on the marketing team at Hopin and have a background in events 💼
  • We’ll be announcing our next Hopin event with an exciting product update next month! More to come on that soon :heart:
  • I’m looking forward to learning from our community and incorporating your ideas and feedback onto our various channels 🔎

Hi all! Jennifer here, from the Engagement team at Hopin! I’m excited to kickstart this community with you. 

  • I’m based in Austin, USA but I love working at a remote-first company and having the flexibility to work from anywhere 🌎
  • Previous to Hopin I worked in member engagement / community building. (So community folks -- say hello! ) 💼
  • I am always curious about what make people feel connected––both in-person and online––which is why I got into virtual events and experiences. I truly believe this is one of the most exciting spaces. 😃
  • I’m looking to hear from folks from different industries and backgrounds and how they are using virtual events to connect. 🔎

Hi Community! I’m Haze from the Hopin product team l and very excited to see this community coming live ! :kissing_closed_eyes:  I’m ready to share about Hopin as much as I can :) 

  • I’m from South Korea living in Bali 🐠
  • I design Hopin event experience as well as marketplace 🎟️I like to talk about what makes good or bad design
  • I hosted a design feedback event and I’m planning on a virtual designer meet up with Korean designer community 🐰🇰🇷I see this as an amazing opportunity to put myself in user’s shoes, learn more about user pain points and needs.
  • Ask me anything about Balilife! 🏖️
  • I’m happy to help people sharing my Hopin knowledge 🌏

Hi everyone! I’m Zach, a Conference Manager at a University and we’ve been using Hopin since August.

  • I’m located at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario Canada :maple_leaf:  🌎
  • Pre-covid-19, large international academic conferences and elite sports camps made up the majority of our business. With the shift to virtual events, we’ve been focused more on internal University events for the various departments around campus  💼
  • Once word got out that we acquired a license for a virtual event platform, we were inundated with requests. We hosted 7 events in 10 days including an awards ceremony with a remote recipient, an alumni donor event, a business case competition and a 2-day academic conference 🎉
  • While covid-19 has necessitated a lot a changes in our operations, I’m excited for the challenge. I’ve always been interested in digital strategy, so this is giving me the opportunity to dive into it and really make a meaningful impact on how my department will operate even when things return to ‘’normal’’   😃
  • With the nature of my organization, I know that I’ll be hosting all shapes and sizes of events on the platform. My hope is to connect with and learn from other event organizers so that I can maximize how I’m using Hopin for my various clients  🔎

Hey All,


My name is Jon Letts. I designed all the tools and tech at Sustainable Ocean Alliance. (Hubs, Mentorship, Grants, Accelerator, Impact, Training)


  • I’m generally based in Monterey California, but drove across the country in September and am waiting for a safe time to drive back.
  • I love playing guitar/uke, block printing, cooking, and creating.
  • I’ve hosted a collection of our SOA Connects events and Demo Days. We have 300-1000 members of our community from all around the world share what they’re working on and connect.
  • I love building systems using Airtable and have frameworks to organize basically anything. Happy to help if that’s interesting for you.
  • I’m here to learn best practices and connect with other global events organizers. If you’re looking to do good in the world through connection events, I want to be a part of your network.

Hello World!
I’m Bill and I’m a designer at Hopin. I’m based in London UK, but half my family are Japanese so in normal times I’m there a lot too. Outside of work I make music, do yoga, and co-host a meditation podcast.

I’m looking forward to getting feedback on our product and the new ideas we’re planning! 🙌

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Hi Everyone!

Thank you for the invitation to be a part of this growth oriented, bleeding edge community! 

  • I’m based in Ajax, Ontario, Canada (just east of Toronto) and work remotely with clients all around the world
  • I’m a self-taught computer geek (I have an insatiable thrust of learning) 
  • I am an Executive Coach and Trainer certified through the John Maxwell Team and I am also the Executive Partner/Assistant to our EVP Chris Robinson. Most importantly, I’m the “Hopin Ninja” for the John Maxwell Team (thanks to the wonderful support of the Hopin Team!) :laughing:
  • We host monthly events on Hopin for our members and our big semi-annual conference is coming up in March 2021 which will be hosted in Hopin (of course!). We hosted our first ever virtual conference in August 2020 on Hopin and members called it #virtualeventoftheyear
  • I hope to continue to learn and grow with this community on how to host the best, most engaging virtual events

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyeux Noel, Happy Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings and of course Happy New Year!  

Hi everyone! I’m Rachel and I’m a Community and Events Manager at VIPKid and Hopin user since May!

  • I’m based in San Francisco. VIPKid is a Chinese company based in Beijing, but opened an office in SF in 2016.  🌎
  • I manage offline and online events for our 100,000+ community of online English teachers. I’ve been working with our teacher community since 2017. 💼
  • We started using Hopin in May to test the online event ecosystem after Covid canceled our March conference in Atlanta. We had 600 teachers at our “test” event and just held a 3,000 teacher event on December 5  🎉
  • I’m new-ish to event planning and sort of fell into the role after seeing a need in our teacher community, but have always been drawn to hosting and planning experiences for folks and previously found ways to weave events into my sales and program management roles.  😃
  • I’m excited to be a part of this community to expand the types of events we offer our teacher community and help other community and event managers as well.  🔎

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year!  I’m Laura with AACSB International’s Event Strategy team and a Hopin user since April. :relaxed:

  • I’m based in Tampa, Florida, where our Americas office is located. We also have a small office in Amsterdam and Singapore.
  • AACSB International is a global nonprofit association for schools of business. Our membership consists of over 1700 member organizations in 100+ countries. Pre-Covid 19, our team executed approximately 120 events a year globally ranging from 20-1500 people.
  • In March, we cancelled our annual conference in Chicago and shifted to virtual with Hopin in about 6 weeks. It was very successful and now we have executed 7 virtual conferences with Hopin and have 3 more planned this spring. 
  • I’m excited to be a part of this community and learn from other event organizers on how we can improve our virtual conferences on Hopin, and discuss best practices and transitions for a hybrid conference model.

Hi everyone! My name is Sherri and I am a member of the Strategic Events team at the United Nations Global Compact and we have been Hopin users since April!

  • I’m based in NYC and have worked in virtual events prior to joining the UN so it is great to be back in the world of virtual events!
  • The UN Global Compact is the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world and we are a special initiative of the UN Secretary General’s office. The Strategic Events team focuses on international, high-level convenings taking place concurrently to UN-sanctioned events like the General Assembly Week.
  • We have hosted 4 large events on Hopin including our Leaders Summit in June that had over 23,000 attendees registered! :tada:
  • I am really excited to learn some new tricks to bring our events to the next level and to get to know the virtual event community better!

Hey All :blush:


I’m Barbara and  I’m part of the Hopin team. Looking forward to connecting with you through the Community. Here’s a little bit of info about me:

  • I‘m based in Barcelona, Spain 🌎
  • I’m on the Product team and I’m working as a UX Researcher 💼
  •  Gathering insights and making a product better are my two passions :heart:
  • Would love to learn from you and see your feedback so we can improve your experience 🔎

Hi everyone!

Roxy here from Chicago. I work in events for a non-profit organization. We are new to Hopin, so I’m here to learn and exchange learnings with others.  Soon will be planning our first event, likely I will be in here every day! :grinning:

Hi everyone! I’m Michelle, coming from you in Chicago. I’m the Sr. Operations Manager at the Computer Science Teachers Association, overseeing membership and events. We’ve hosted 4 large events on Hopin over the last year and many other small ones. 

I’m hoping I can connect with other event managers here to learn from how they leverage Hopin to execute their events, as well as hearing from the Hopin team on the latest and greatest updates to the platform. I’m looking forward to sharing my learnings with everyone as well!

Looking forward to connecting with everyone!

Hi all. I work at data startup,, and our mission is to change the way people make decisions. We’re looking for ways to enable the data community to share their work, and came across Hopin. Who here is also starting out in virtual events? 

I’m Missy! I’m happy to have found this community. Our company is an event agency and we’ve been an enterprise customer since July. We’re growing fast and building design and management systems to support the work. 

I’m also a community builder. My journey with Hopin began at the CMX conference last April. It was so great that I then hosted my own conference for my community in June, and then finally our company became an enterprise client.

It’s been a crazy, wild ride and I love it.

Hi My name is Eric Kingstad and I am an Event Technologist based in Portland Oregon. My team and I help planners and organizers discover, deploy and manage the right technology tools to help elevate their virtual, hybrid and in person events. Our team has worked on over 100 virtual events this last 9 months with incredible learnings and experiences, and I’m looking forward to soon launching and managing my first events on Hopin for a few of my clients. Super excited to meet other Hopin users to see if we can help them as well. 

I’m especially excited about what will be unfolding the next few months/ and years as the world returns to meeting in person, and the evolution of hybrid events. It’s going to be quite complex to design and manage events in the future, and the Hopin platform seems like it will be well suited for that complexity and scale.

Cheers everyone!

Mad jammers from Stafford center for music today so I'll have to wait for the zoom to work