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  • 16 December 2020
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My name is Jennifer and I lead Engagement here at Hopin. If this is your first visit to the community, then welcome to our corner of the Hopinverse. Whether you’re creating your first or 100th event, we have a community of folks in events, marketing, education––the list goes on––to share their experiences, best practices and expertise. 


What is this community?

The purpose of the community is to educate and inspire event creators to build and launch successful, innovative events on Hopin. You can check out our community guidelines hereThis is not a place for support tickets. We have an entire amazing and responsive team for that. You can check out this post on when to ask the community vs when to contact Support


A quick tour through the Community

Below are the areas of the community that we suggest you you start with.   If you have ideas or feedback for categories, get in touch with We will continuously add and adjust things as our community grows.


News & Updates From Hopin 

Get the latest news and announcements, and the best content from the Hopin team. Like, comment and subscribe to follow along.


Got a question? Ask the Community 

A general free-for-all subcategory, designed to be your safety-net in case you do not know where to ask your question. This is also a good spot to show off your expertise by answering questions. 


Product Roadmap and Feature Updates 

Find out what Hopin is working on right now and in the future, and which current items you should know about as a user of Hopin.


Best Practices & Discussion

Share best practices, resources and ideas for creating better virtual events.

Event types

Discuss how to create different types of virtual events-–from conferences to career fairs to everything in between. 

Engagement & Gamification

Share and learn ideas on how to create engaging experiences for event participants.

Got a Question? Ask the Community.

Not sure how to do something in Hopin? Ask other members here.


Customer Stories

Tell the community how you use Hopin and your wins and learnings about virtual events. 

Not sure how to do something in Miro? Ask your peers here


Tips for asking a question 

Here are some tips for getting started and finding the answers quickly:


1. Search before you start a new topic. 🔎

There’s a good chance someone already asked and answered your question. To avoid asking duplicate questions, do a quick search using the search bar. You can find it at the top of every page. Still looking for an answer? No problem.  Ask your question here [link to submit a post like this]. 


2. Be detailed when you describe your question / issue

If you’re asking the community a question, don’t forget to include as much information as possible in the original post to give context. That way, others understand exactly what you want to know or share. Adding screenshots can help, too, but do not forget to avoid taking screenshots of your personal info (like email address, phone number, etc).


3. Be patient

Sometimes it might take a day or two until a user reads and responds to your question. Please don’t post the same question in different categories. Duplicate questions will be removed to reduce confusion.


How to Get Started



To the moon 🚀

Jennifer, Head of Engagement


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