Where do people look for inspiration? Is it possible to find it in the workplace?

  • 10 June 2021
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Hello everyone
My name is Sebastian. I am 29 years old and I am a freelancer and a digital nomad. For the last 3 years I was working and travelling around Europe. This is an amazing experience. I have been in many different places and seen many wonders which inspired me to achieve more and more, move in far away. I already planing my path to East. I always was amazed by the eastern culture. For the last year I am living and working in Oslo and is really a great place. I met many interesting people that inspired my and helped me with my work. Once I asked my closest friend in Oslo what kind of motivation is helping him to move forward. He said that surrounding environment is very important. He surrounded himself with people who shine with positive energy. And this is how he keeps his productivity stable growing. Said that, it was almost impossible to achieve in regular old-fashioned office, so he moved to Kontorhotell Oslo(this is the place where he found his crew and where we met). But one thing that is important is that it does not matter where you are, matters who you are. He told me that it is not the point to move to the place where you consider to be better, but to become better yourself. Then, wherever you will be in the future, there always will be great place to stay. 
The point is that I thought that travelling around the world would be my motivation, but Nils told me that people who he works side by side every day are his motivation and he motivates them. This positive energy exchange is his key to stable growing productivity an a great live example that people can be inspired at workplace.
This is a story for those people that honestly hate their jobs and working there because of money. It is not necessary to change the job(in some cases), change the enviroment.

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