Adding Interactivity to your Events with Miro

  • 28 January 2021
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Adding Interactivity to your Events with Miro
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A little while back, Miro kept 14,000 attendees engaged during their 3-day Distributed Conference on Hopin. You can now add the same level of interactivity into your events with the new Miro integration on Hopin! 


In this 2 minute read, we'll show you how to keep attendees engaged with Miro boards--collaborative digital whiteboards––and examples of how you can start using them in a live event.


Already using Miro? Share what you've done in the comments. We want to know!




So what is Miro?

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform that helps distributed teams work better together. It’s perfect for ice breakers, happy hours, group brainstorming, and creating a visual hub for projects. 




Adding interactivity and collaboration into your events

With this new integration––available on all Hopin plans––organizers and moderators can share beautiful whiteboards created on Miro--in Hopin sessions or expo booths. Here are some creative uses:

  • Ice Breakers Create a Miro board and prompt attendees to share their geographical location, fun facts, or other conversation starters. Here are creative ideas and templates you can borrow.

  • Group brainstorming Collaborate during a team meeting or a workshop by setting up a Miro board and using it to crowdsource ideas, feedback, or work in real-time. In one of Miro's team meetings, over 400 participants simultaneously collaborated––adding comments, sticky notes, and drawings–– to a single board!

  • Visual hub for projects Create a presentation on a Miro board in advance of your event. During the event, you can present your board and ask attendees to collaborate. Later, send a link to the board as a "virtual memento" of your time spent together :) Watch a video of an impressive board that Miro created during their Distributed Summit.



How do I set up the Miro integration in Hopin?

  1. First you’ll need a Miro account. Sign up for one for free here.  Or log in to your existing one. 
  2. In a live event in Hopin, go to a Session or an Expo booth and click 'Share Audio and Video'.
  3. Choose the Miro board you want to share, and voila! You're ready to collaborate!

For more help, check this guide on how to integrate Miro with Hopin from our Support team.



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5 replies

As a leadership coach often designing experiences for my clients,…. Miro is so simple. The tool has created such a solid visual element to community events. It provides an incredibly fun and interactive space at a time when it’s harder for us to share a whiteboard, working with remote clients in my strategy agency, and hosting virtual events.  

Love these ideas for icebreakers! 

I'm an interior designer, currently working remotely. Super grateful to have stumbled upon this platform. Miro is a beautiful tool for collaborative brainstorming, especially working with global clients scattered around the world. I'd love to hear how others will be using this in meetings and events. 

@Dennis Sarkozy - what sort of interactions are you looking for for different group sizes, I wonder? 

@GigiYung We recently hosted our Hopin 2021 Kickoff--our biggest event yet with 10K+ attendees! Miro hosted an expo booth where we did live ice breakers. Over 80 people jumped in to add in notes and drawings. Really, fun watching everyone play! 





@Jenn L Is miro a free service?