Big Announcement: Hopin has acquired StreamYard

  • 7 January 2021
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Big Announcement: Hopin has acquired StreamYard
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Hello Hopin Community! We have some major news and want you to be amongst the first to knowToday, we are very excited to share that Hopin has acquired StreamYard. 🥳



Why is this exciting? 

Well, I’m glad you asked 😃StreamYard is an easy-to-use streaming studio that makes your streams look professional. With the video production quality of StreamYard, Hopin organizers will create events with best-in-class video production, including the ability to add branding, animations, transitions, lower thirds, and more to their live and pre-recorded streams on Stage. You can explore how to use  StreamYard here. 🎥



How will this affect you?

We understand the importance of event planning, so this news will not cause any disruption to your events on Hopin. Hopin and StreamYard will operate as independent brands as they have been. But in the future, we plan to integrate StreamYard tools seamlessly into Hopin’s event platform.


You’ll have plenty of notice before any changes happen, and we’ll be posting updates right here in the community. You can learn more about the acquisition here



Now, tell me...

Who has already been using StreamYard and excited for even more professionally branded events?  🎉

7 replies

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WOO HOO!! This is awesome news! We LOVE StreamYard at the John Maxwell Team and use it for all or our broadcasts into our Facebook groups!! They are another great company who exemplify great leadership values. 


This is so exciting! I am looking forward to seeing the integration of the 2 platforms! 

@Lorna Weston-Smyth would LOVE to hear/ see how you’ve been using Streamyard for events. One of the biggest questions folks have are how to go from pre-recorded to live content during virtual events. Wondering if you have that challenge?

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We started using StreamYard when Facebook started dropping our Zoom broadcasts to Facebook. We were using Zoom because Facebook Live did not allow you to invite another person to get on camera with you. We use StreamYard every week for our Team Huddle where our CEO and our EVP give updates to the Team members. 

StreamYard integrates well with the Stage in Hopin using the RTMP. Enabling broadcasting from StreamYard into Sessions would give a speaker or speakers more control and options for screen sharing, adding banners and other branding and green screen for virtual backgrounds.

StreamYard and Hopin integration will also mean it will be easier to switch between a recorded presentation and a live broadcast because you won’t need access to the event dashboard to do that. Right now that is the only way we can do that.  

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Thanks Jenn for introduction to this community, I’ve paired SY and Hopin for a few events previously. Looking forward how true integration will look like in the future.

Nice to see this acquisition. I run a company that specializes in renewable electricity. Our marketing team has been thinking about ways we can re-engage clients. Seems like a virtual conference could be an interesting way to create conversation/ educate folks––in our case––around clean energy. 

I run a data company. Right now we're trying to build community around data engineers and considering platforms where we can start conversation and network folks in our industry. This collaboration between Hopin / StreamYard is cool because video production quality--was one of our top concerns. Our presentations can be very heavy on content

In my roles as Community Strategist and Leadership Coach, I host various types of events from smaller coaching sessions and client meetings to larger curated gatherings. I'd be curious to test out how to use using an virtual event to create different types of content and conversations. 
Some of our clients have built momentum through streaming, with the potential to create more engaging conversations. Sound like two very great tools to support creators!