Hopin just acquired Streamable and Jamm and what this means for Hopin users

  • 24 March 2021
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Hopin just acquired Streamable and Jamm and what this means for Hopin users
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We just announced our acquisition of video hosting service Streamable and video technology company Jamm. Let’s talk about why this is exciting, what this means for Hopin users, and go through some FAQ’s below. Questions or comments?  Leave them in the comments. 


Why did we acquire these companies?

These moves reflect our intent to be at the leading edge of video innovation. We’re doubling down on video to make shared experiences—both online and hybrid—high-quality and human.


What is Jamm?

Jamm makes it super easy to launch instant video chats and send video updates out to teammates directly from your Slack channel. It’s a lightweight video tool for collaboration and features include:

  • Video chat
  • Video Stories
  • Whiteboarding
  • Presence
  • Screensharing
  • Slack Integration
  • Easy, Secure Web Links
  • AI Assisted Face Framing
  • Live Chat or Send Video Messages


What is Streamable?

Streamable makes video hosting easy and accessible. You can use it whether when you’re just getting started with video hosting or if you have advanced video editing needs. You can upload, crop, trim, and share videos -- all without leaving your browser.  Streamable has over 75,000+ new videos are uploaded every day! This translates to more than 27.3m per year!


How will you integrate Jamm and Streamable technology into the Hopin experience?

In the future the Streamable platform will integrate seamlessly into the Hopin suite of products and allow users from Hopin, StreamYard, and Jamm to easily host, edit, and share their video recordings from each product.


What will happen to the Streamable platform?

The Streamable platform will expand support for businesses and enterprises, invest in scaling infrastructure, build organizational and team features, add advanced AI capabilities, and be integrated seamlessly with the Hopin suite of products.

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