Join us 25 March for Hybrid Event Trends and Hopin Product Reveals

  • 22 March 2021
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Join us 25 March for Hybrid Event Trends and Hopin Product Reveals
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Hey everyone! Join us this Thursday, 25th of March for Hybrid Events: Unlocked. We’re looking forward to hearing from panelists from top brands including The Atlantic, Gong, Drift, and TechCrunch, as well as:


  • More on Hopin’s vision for the future of events from our CEO, Johnny Boufarhat (dialing in from Barcelona) and Head of Strategic Finance Jannat Rajan
  • Product reveal from Hopin’s VP of Product David Aubespin at our studio in NYC
  • Expo filled with content that will help enhance your 2021 events
  • Hybrid event masterclass with London-based Forta, the production team behind The Grammy’s
  • Introducing Back of House Live, a Hopin Original Series (debuting our CMO, Anthony Kennada) 
  • 1:1 networking with event industry peers 



RSVP for free and if you’re in the APAC region, we will now be hosting a replay of the event so you can catch all the great content and check out an APAC specific panel conversation! Let me know if you have any questions, and hope to see you there!



4 replies


I’ve got 2 events on Hopin that I’m running that day so will miss it. The replay is a great idea but it’s at a time that doesn’t work for everyone. Obviously you’ve done this to cover the time zone issues for the main event but a true on demand would be much better so people can catch up in their own time. Are you considering putting the recordings up on YouTube? Looking forward to the next step.

Thanks for the feedback @Michael Vermaak. You’re right! The second session is to cover different time zones to make it easier for our global audience.  We will have on demand to share post-event :) 


FYI @Brianna @priya_gupta 


Thanks Jenn.


With the announcement that Hopin has just acquired Streamble I’m sure you will have on demand video sorted out! Looking forward to more integration. :grinning:  

Thanks for the feedback @Michael Vermaak! As @Jenn L mentioned, the content will be on demand post-event. We hope you’re able to join live and/or to see you at a future event!